Equinix first among the "fortune" magazine fortune 500 list

Equinix first among the

Since 1998, we provide entities with a single data center as a neutral hub exchange of Internet traffic, Equinix now has developed into a global digital infrastructure companies.In the past 20 years of development, there are a lot of proud place Equinix.Along the way, we have experienced many landmark things, we can stop for a minute, to review our process: from 100 to now more than 200 IBX data center;We made earlier this yearFortune magazine "the most admired companies list;And, more recently, we implemented the 73th consecutive quarter of growth performance.

Today, I am very grateful and proud mood to share with you another milestone, Equinix for the first time in the history of the company among fortune global 500 company list!

We in America's biggest companies on the list, which this year ranked 461th, proves that we all have to the guest for this, is also visible in the enterprise to adapt to an increasingly digital world, Platform Equinix provide them with value.

This is an exciting and inspiring milestone, also reflects the excellent global team we have enthusiasm, dedication, and values.In the modern history is the most challenging moments, in one of the world's most need us, it also reflects how to jointly meet the challenge, we help our hundreds of thousands of customers, and meet the needs of its number of key infrastructure.

Please review with me and celebrate the milestone in the development process, we build platform let the world together, to promote innovation in order to enrich our life and work, the benefit of the earth.

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Equinix ™ is the world's digital infrastructure enterprises.No matter you are college students, graduates and experienced professionals, or just want to seek a career change, please boldly Equinix as your next target.

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