Global climate and to achieve the future construction

To develop scientific basis reduction target, continue to the sustainable development of companies and customers to provide more business practices

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Global climate and to achieve the future construction

In Equinix, we are firmly committed to work in a sustainable way of thinking in various aspects.Equinix recently announced the conclusion of the climate neutral and science base reduction targets, the response"The climate treaty of Paris"- "to the global average temperature rise control within 2 ℃ above pre-industrial times, and try hard to control the temperature of 1.5 ° C"[I].As one member of the efforts to get this commitment, our team was looking forward to this.

To achieve these goals, we need to focus to explore how fast and how many companies reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to avoid the worst effects of climate change.We have been committed to reducing carbon footprint, improve the efficiency of power use (hereinafter referred to as the "PUE"), and promises to use 100% clean and renewable energy in the whole world, it has to do with our old and new data center design.

Through innovative fully solve the problem of energy consumption

Energy efficiency inHigh energy efficiency standard physical building infrastructure.Equinix all design, construction, renovation and operation of data centers, had thought of PUE target.In terms of new buildings, in supportGreen bondsOf green financial framework, we recently updated the building commitment, target with lower than average annual PUE design (1.45) is superior to the construction, and hope to achieve LEED gold or higher standards.Although the number of data centers we through the new data center and acquisitions doubled, but we each data center operations of the global average.Our rapid growth has added to our demand for energy, but in fact, our carbon absolute emissions in 2020 than in 2015 dropped by nearly 50%, this is because the increase of proportion of energy efficiency and sustainable.By improving the efficiency and the purchase of renewable energy, during the period of 2015 to 2019, we are more than 7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, in 2020 alone 1.95 million metric tons.We didn't stop there, we are using innovative technology to examine all aspects of the energy consumption, and continue operation optimization.

Big data analysis can help us to determine the direction of energy saving and improvement through process automation, and ultimately achieve energy efficiency maximization.Forbes CIO NEXT 2021Recent recognition of my colleagues, our CIO - Milind Wagle innovation ability and its data center, including the development of data driven model in order to more accurately predict customer usage patterns and related electric power demand.This technology allows us to better predict individual data center when will achieve power capacity limits, and when you need a more effective system to replace the aging system.Finally, with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) processing these data, we can better predict the computing power efficiency and the difference of the actual data, so as to enable us to further optimize operation and achieve more energy efficient.

We also pay close attention to the sustainable development of emerging technologies, explore new ways to save energy.Last year, we in the Virginia ASHLEY opened a joint innovation facilities (CIF), to try out effective, scalable technology, these techniques include the use of a fuel cell as the main power source of the data center, may help us to reduce emissions, and find a data center core technology in the future.Fuel cells to reliable electricity field production, 20% to 45% than natural gas power plants, clean, and in the future ecosystem matures, provide deployment method of hydrogen generation.

The digital world of clean energy

Our long-term goal is the global data center platform using 100% of clean and renewable energy.

View on the issue of sustainable development measures
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Data center industry is a hand in hand toward the road of decarburization

We believe that through cooperation with other institutions of similar ideas, our efforts will get twice the result with half the effort.The United States environmental protection agency (epa) released by the American top green energy partners list"[I]Institutions are encouraged to buy green power, in order to reduce due to use the buying power of the environmental impact, and on the company's annual ranking green electricity usage.The list contains six data center, IT and telecommunications companies, including Equinix (sixth) in the top 10, two data center companies in the top 25.In the European Union, is EquinixThe convention on the eu climate neutral data center operators and self-discipline and initiativeOne of the founding members.The convention covers the most data center operators at present,[ii]The focus is to expand the company, the influence of industry trade groups, and the leaders of the European Union, aimed at 2030 years ago in Europe cooperation achieve sustainable and climate and data center operations.Data center operators and cloud providers from all over the world is stepping up its efforts to set more global goals to reduce emissions.

Our investment in terms of reduction of supply chain

In Equinix, we continuously explore various ways in different degree of the role of solving the problem of power consumption.In the check and measure our overall impact on the environment, we focus on the emission (1) the scope of direct control, support of our business range (2) emissions generated by power operators and our supply chain emissions produced by range (3).Through the cooperation, we can not only for the customer and the provider of the most important thing in our supply chain to provide more accurate environmental impact report, and we also believe that more transparently provide measurements to reduce our overall emissions.

We are helping our clients achieve their sustainable development objectives

Google, amazon, apple, Facebook, and many industry leaders such as Microsoft has made a positive public commitment to environmental sustainability.Environmental sustainability is rapidly becoming a key requirement. Many of our customers'Looking forward to the future, we believe that more and more organizations will choose have outsourced data center operationsOperators to make commitments and possess professional knowledge.From the private data center (big cabinet in the office or company headquarters special buildings), migration to a reliable hosting facility operators, usually to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Usage patterns visibility is the first step to realize the sustainable development of more important.With the aid of Equinix data center monitoring softwareSmartView®, our customer can monitor the electric power, mechanical and environmental conditions, through the online portal or customizable API provides information on trends, and understand their infrastructure operational data in real time.The information of our customers from SmartView can help them make better decisions in the operation, including how to improve the energy efficiency.And our Equinix green electricity report (GPR), and other custom, let the customer of our sustainability progress information.These reports for our customers to provide the required to measure and report relevant indicators of energy consumption, use of renewable energy and carbon footprint data, in order to realize their own goals and indicators.In the future, we hope to be able to accurately provide each rack power and water usage, so that customers can determine their emissions more carefully.

These and other measures for economies of scale, plus our professional "green" data center design and operations, to help in the Platform Equinix enterprise easily on track and to achieve its environmental sustainability goals.

Environmental sustainability conducive to enterprise development

Construction of data center needs huge capital investment, by issuingGreen bondsTo obtain"Green finance"Sustainable infrastructure construction and investment is another major projects of sustainable technology.Since 2020, Equinix green bonds issued $3.7 billion.These bonds provide attractive financing rates, too want to private sector response and addressing climate change pressing environmental problems, such as investors, to support our commitment to environmental sustainability of the project.

The sustainable development strategy of "first" in the future we make our employees and partners together, common vision of a better future, and strive to achieve the goal.In Equinix, we are committed to reducing climate neutral and scientific foundation goals, and provide the related transparent public report, we are taking various measures, and become good partners, make any attention to the sustainable development of the data provided by the partner to be able to benefit from our center and digital infrastructure platform.

Learn more about usSustainable development plan.

[I]The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,Green Power Partnership National Top 100(April 26, 2021)

[ii]The European Pact for Sustainable Industry 2030

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