Equinix IDC MarketScape named data center hosting and interconnection services leader

Equinix promote global digital transformation as the core of all digital option

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Equinix IDC MarketScape named data center hosting and interconnection services leader

In February 2020, IDC issued its first "IDC MarketScape: 2019-2020 global custody and interconnection services provider review report.Earth-shaking changes have taken place in the world then, due to turn to online service, coupled with a large number of employees almost overnight into a remote work, most enterprise digital speed up the transition process.In this transformation, web hosting, infrastructure and interconnection services become more important than ever before.

IDC hosting and interconnection services market in 2021 for the second assessment, once again confirmed that hosting and interconnection service provider in support of the digital transformation plays a key role.This year'sThe IDC MarketScape: global custody and interconnected service supplier evaluation in 2021 report[I], continue to pay attention to promote the steady growth in the custody and interconnect field factor, and analyzes the world's top supplier of hosting and interconnect in current and future capacity.

According to the expression of IDC MarketScape "hosting and interconnection services is defined as customer use third-party data center facilities (i.e., the physical geographical/chassis/rack space, network capacity and HVAC/electrical infrastructure), in these facilities run their own servers/storage systems, network equipment and other types of infrastructure."

IDC MarketScape: global data center hosting and interconnected service provider evaluation in 2021

In a second MarketScape report about hosting and interconnection services market, IDC will again Equinix as leaders.

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IDC MarketScape again, we will assess for global custody and interconnection services leader, and that we "is fully capable of on a global scale to help enterprise to optimize its digital infrastructure and power for the digital platform", which we pride.

Digital transformation is imperative- EquiniX is the only solution

Over the past 18 months, the outbreak confirmed one thing, is the future is unpredictable.Compared with the past, the needs of the business is at the speed of the digital evolution, companies are under tremendous pressure, need to close to the industry development and transformation, in order to survive in extremely sharp and competitive market and growth.Digital development pressures, and a myriad of options and purchase, and security, a complicated development of digital and create problems.As the global digital infrastructure company, Equinix has proven to be reliable partners, can reduce the risk of the unknown, to ensure the success of the enterprise has a digital future.

Equinix for digital business provides a rapid and efficient functioning of all:

  • Global entity data center covers, virtual services, and through the Platform Equinix ® connect all equipment, partners, customers and supply chain network options of ecosystem.
  • Physical and virtual infrastructure, data center, interconnection and edge services
  • Perfect infrastructure and connection services, for enterprises to enhance their numerical advantage to provide all the right places, partners, and possibilities

Touch of suitable locations around the world, anywhere in the deployment of critical infrastructure

We have more than 220Equinix International Business Exchange ™ (IBX ®)andXScale wasn't entirely ™Data centres, their main business strategically distributed all over the worldcityFor enterprises and service providers to provide rich and highly connection Numbers and business ecosystem.

By Equinix, enterprises can on a single platform to expand its scope of business covers:

  • Immediately across 63 cities around the world, with customers, strategic business partners, cloud, software and network providers to establish direct, private, secure connection.
  • In global connectivity and infrastructure deployment of the scale, speed and efficiency.
  • To improve the application of the user experience and improve and optimize the performance of the workload.
  • Very large scale cloud providers can use special xScale wasn't entirely build data center to meet their specific needs, and inPlatform Equinix ®Access to more than 10000 companies.

In the Platform Equinix, you can land in a city, then through Equinix IBX interconnection architecture of xScale wasn't entirely data center and to the global expansion.

Connect all the right partners and traded

The IT infrastructure in Equinix enterprises will not be locked in a cloud, network, or technology partner, even is not limited to one location.

  • Equinix helps to access all of the world's leading cloud and IT providers, network and system integrators, SAAS, and IAAS partners.
  • Equinix is financial services, healthcare, content and digital media, retail, manufacturing and transportation and other industries, to name a few) of the center of the ecosystem.
  • Equinix makes supply chain run more efficiently, because Equinix interconnected ecosystem including thousands of enterprises and service providers, all of which by reliable, high speed, low latency Equinix Fabric private network connection.

Customer can cooperate with Equinix, meet the needs of all of its digital infrastructure, and with all their partners and supply chain ecosystem interconnection, easy, fast and safely to expand their business.

Touch of all possibilities

In the unpredictable market, flexibility is the key of digital business.Digital rapidly changing demand, enterprise customers must be flexible, agile, in order to meet the changing business and customer requirements.Enterprise business needs comprehensive digital infrastructure and interconnection portfolio choice, including physical and virtual, and extensive, network and SaaS cloud options, all of which can be used in the position of concentration, and can be easily and reliably for private connection.

In Equinix, enterprises can "one-stop" work style with these options:

  • Customers can use "as a service" model deployment of hybrid physical infrastructure, little upfront investment and ensure the privacy and security.
  • Equinix Metal ™Provide private, on-demand, automation and interconnection bare-metal service (computing and storage), and ensure the performance and security.
  • The Network Edge,Make the enterprise can be deployed easily in a few minutes of their choice from the leading provider of virtual network function (VNF) equipment (SD - WAN gateway, virtual router, firewall and VPN), without having to add additional hardware.
  • Equinix Fabric ™ software defined interconnection with the Network Edge, service and Equinix Metal are used together, safely directly connect to multiple cloud service providers (CSP).
  • Equinix Precision Time ™In the special reliable high-speed network to provide precise time synchronization as a service (time synchronization as a service).

Through Equinix Fabric Portal, customer can choose Equinix Metal or public cloud provider (for exampleGoogleandAWS) calculate/storage resources, or choiceCiscoAnd Versa partners VNF equipment, or visitAT&T and Verizon5 g (to name a few).With Equinix Fabric virtual connection, the client can be through a single entity port access all of these services, so as to save expensive one-to-one port connection.

The global digital infrastructure let you closer with the customer

All these digital infrastructure can be in Equinix facilities (digital infrastructure of global interconnect) in continuous replication, so enterprises can in any customer's place immediately, without having to invest in their own data center.New York customers can through the Platform Equinix build digital business in Singapore.We by the infrastructure, interconnection and options for the global network of partners, and more easily in hardware is hard to import country/region to establish a virtual network, change the Settings or position as simple as pressing a button.Through cooperation with Equinix, you can for your digital business for the future security.

Want to learn more about Equinix and other hosting and interconnection service provider information on how to support the digital transformation, please refer toIDC MarketScape: global data center hosting and interconnected service supplier evaluation in 2021.

[1] IDC."IDC MarketScape: global data center hosting and interconnected service supplier evaluation in 2021, "by Courtney Munroe, file number # US46746121, June 2021.

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